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Meet Elsie Jones Selfie
Hi! Thanks for coming to my site! My name’s Elsie Jones and I just love to read! One of my favorite places to go is the Library in my home town of Providence, Rhode Island, because there are all kinds of cool books there that take me on all kinds of adventures!
On my site you’ll be able to get updates on my latest adventures and get to know a little more about me. Hopefully you can go on some adventures with me and help me beat the Dark Hats! Anyway, I just picked a book up from the library so have fun on here! Here I go!
Meet Elsie Jones Selfie
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Elsie Jones and the Book Pirates by Sean McBride

Elsie Jones and the Book Pirates

Meet Elsie Jones, a girl who loves to read! One day she goes to her favorite place, the library, and she comes across a very strange book. When she takes a look at it, it sucks her into a new world. She finds herself aboard the Adventure Galley with a group of Pirates!
After befriending the pirates, she learns of a new danger…The Dark Hats. Come along with her as she learns more about the pirates and the mysterious Dark Hats. Can she stop the devious Dark Hats before they succeed in their plan?
Come join the adventure!
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Elsie Jones and the Revolutionary Rebels by Sean McBride

Elsie Jones and the Revolutionary Rebels

Welcome back! When Elsie Jones goes back to the library, she finds another of the special Books of Power. This time it takes her to Revolutionary Boston! Join Elsie as she explores Massachusetts in 1779 with her friends the book pirates, and meets a bunch of historical figures!
Join her on her adventure during the revolutionary era. Fighting side by side with the Sons of Liberty, Elsie protects the Library of Solitude from the evil clutches of the Dark Hats.
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Elsie Jones and the Revolutionary Rebels by Sean McBride
Elsie Jones and the Captain's Guard, Sean McBride

Elsie Jones and the Captain’s Guard

Join Elsie on a new adventure! This time, Elsie finds an adventure book back in the Library of Solitude. When she opens it she finds herself in France! She befriends a group of guards…the Musketeers! The plot thickens as Elsie realizes that Dark Cloak, the leader of the Dark Hats, has already put plans into motion to stop the Musketeers and get the Book of Power.
With new challenges and new friends at her school, and new plots from Dark Cloak and the Dark Hats, can Elsie help the Musketeers save their world and survive the fifth grade?
Join Elsie on this swashbuckling adventure!
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