Hi everyone!  Welcome back to my blog!  How many people got to see the eclipse yesterday?  I think it was super cool!  Mom told me that it was the first total solar eclipse of my life, and that she was even too small to remember the last one (totally weird to think of mom and dad as kids…yuck!).  Mom made viewers out of cereal boxes ( I can’t even tell you how they worked, I mean a cereal box for glasses?) and we did a road trip to Charleston, South Carolina so we could watch the complete eclipse.

I was really bored at first.  It seemed to move so slow!  We stood out there for hours and it was just a fingernail for a long time, but then eventually the moon started to work its way across the sun.

Mom and dad told me that all an eclipse is the moon passing in front of the sun, blocking the light coming to earth for a short time.  I was really excited to see what it looked like, but when it completely covered the sun (except for what my mom called the corona, which was just a little bit of sun visible around the outside of the moon), I got kinda scared.  It got dark out, and the colors of everything seemed to fade a little.  Everyone else was really excited, but I felt weird.

When we got back into the car to drive home, mom asked us what I thought about the eclipse.  I shrugged and said “it was ok.”

She told me that when she saw a partial eclipse when she was a little girl, she was really scared.

“I was too!”  I told her.  It made me feel better that she felt the same thing.

“Yep,”  She said and kissed my forehead.  “It was scary because it got dark when it wasn’t supposed to.  The colors faded, and for some reason it made me think about all the people in my life.  I wanted them to know that I loved them and give them a hug.  I realized later that this was something that happens in life.  There are times when it’s dark out when it should be light.  There are times when you are unhappy when you should be happy.  But, just like your adventures with the Book Pirates, when you start feeling this way, just know that the sun is there.  The light is just being blocked, but it’s still there, it just takes a minute for it show itself again.”

I didn’t feel as scared after we talked, and now I cant wait to see the next eclipse!

Well I have to go off to school now.  Miss McNally is going to give us a new book today!

Here I go!

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  • Dawna McBride

    I loved the lesson in this. Very thoughtful.

    August 22, 2017 at 9:44 am

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