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There have been a lot of crazy things happening in the world lately.  It seems like everyone is scared all the time, and in class yesterday we had a number of kids in my class who were crying, but they didn’t really understand why.  Miss McNally said she wanted to talk about it, but then every time that she started to, she stopped again.  She eventually took out a book.

She read for a while and the class just listened.  It was very quiet.  She read a story of a man, a ‘farm boy’ as she calls him.  He is very much in love with a princess.  Eventually though the farm boy realizes that he is below her class so he goes off to find a fortune so that he can marry the woman he loves.  She eventually gives up on him, thinking that he is dead and agrees to marry another man.  Through all this there is a lot of adventuring and sword fighting, and good and bad guys.  He eventually finds her again, and though everything seems to be against them, he battles crazy odds and beats the bad man she agreed to marry.  Miss McNally stopped right before the story was over, though.  The last thing she read was, “Do I love you?  My god, if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches.”

Miss McNally turned to the white board and wrote a quote on it.

“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality.  It’s a way to understand it.” -Lloyd Alexander.

The class was still quiet.  I think everyone was as confused as me.

“Lloyd Alexander is a fantasy author, many of you would probably like him.  The book I was reading was “The Princess Bride” by William Goldman.  I wanted to read this too you because sometimes other people say it better.

“Sometimes there are bad people in the world.  Sometimes they do bad things.  Sometimes they make other people do bad things.  Sometimes it is overwhelming and scary to think about.  When this happens I always turn to Fantasy.  People think that it’s just an escape, and it absolutely can be.  Something to let you forget about the bad things that happened.  But deeper than that it shows that there is always an other side.  Sometimes when the really bad thing happens, things that only seem to happen in fantasy novels, it’s ok to remember that we’re only in the middle of the book.  The middle of the book is when the most bad things are stacked against the hero or heroine of your story.  On the other side of the bad stuff there is the end of the book where there are a universe of beaches filled with love.”

That night my parents and I went to the beach to watch the sunset.  I think I understand.

Have a great day everyone!

I have to get back to class!

Here I go!


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