Fireworks over the lake

Fireworks over the lake

Hi everyone!  Sorry I missed the blog last week, but my parents took me to Walden Pond for the fourth of July.  I thought it was super cool that Henry David Thoreau got so inspired by a lake that he wrote a whole book about it!  I had some pretty big expectations of what it would look like, but I was surprised to find out that it was just a lake.

I had the same feeling when I first saw Plymouth Rock.  It was so small, but it had such a big reputation.  Walden Pond was actually a huge lake and I didn’t really understand what the big deal was.  Why did a just a simple old lake inspire him to write a book?  I was pretty upset about it.  I just didn’t get why we would hike through the woods around a big old stupid lake.  I thought there would be something more to it.

It started to get dark and I just wanted to go home, but my mom and dad told me that we had to stay for the firework display.  It was small and put on by the Park Rangers that took care of the lake, but they thought I might like it.  I wished that we could have been at Disney World and watch the amazing fireworks they have there.

We found a spot on the sand as the park rangers started the little firework display.  They only went six feet in the air and they were super short.  I was really upset.  I wanted to see an inspiring lake, and then some amazing fireworks, and everything was different from what I thought it was going to be.

Then I looked at the water.  I could see the fireworks reflect off the water and it was like watching them in a mirror.  They lit up the reflection of the sky, even as small as they were.  Then I realized that it was completely quiet, except for the sparkle of the fireworks.  No one was even talking.

My dad told me that the reason we set off fireworks on the fourth of July is because we are celebrating our independence and the fireworks represent the “bombs bursting in air”, like they say in the National Anthem.  I thought of what it must have been like in revolutionary times, living here at the still lake while there were bombs bursting in the air and the only thing you could hear was the sparkle as you watched the reflection on the lake.

I understand now why he wrote the book.

Anyway, it’s time for me to go to Karate Class!  Bye everyone!

Here I go!


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