Hi everyone!  It’s Tuesday so I’m doing another Blog!

I was at school and we were talking about technology and science in general.  We were reading about how inventive people are and how they created technology that has changed our lives and made things easier.  Then a boy who always sits in the back of the class (I never understood why he sits back there, because he’s really smart, and I think he’d get more out of class if he sat closer), asked why we were reading about technology from a book.  Why couldn’t we take out a phone or tablet and read about technology on technology.  Miss McNally, our teacher told him to use his imagination (something my best friend Carter has trouble with, but we can talk about that later), and imagine that he was using a tablet.  He laughed and said it’s not the same thing.

I started to think about that.  Is it the same thing?  How did we get Tablets and E-readers?  Did some person just look at a book and want to have more technology?  How did their imagination expand to make that happen?

I’ve always said I like reading because I like to figure things out.  I like school for the same reason, because it helps me figure things out.  The more I thought about the subjects they have us going over in school and the more I thought about how they kind of match up it got me thinking.  All those things relate (ugg, even math!:)) don’t they?

So the science fiction I’ve read is the writers imagination about what the future could hold.  They look at whats around them and imagine how that could change and get better.

So if you had a book in your hand and you made believe it was a tablet, or even a projector that put you into the story, would that be different from actually reading it and putting yourself into the story?

Imagination is a so cool!

Well I hear my mom calling for me to go to school, I wonder what we’ll imagine today?

Here I go!

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