Pirates are Everywhere!

Pirates are Everywhere!

Hi everyone!  Since my first book came out I’ve been really interested in Pirates.  Treasure Island was just too cool!  I had to find more to read about them, so I’ve been looking through the library to find out more.  I really like the DK series so I checked out one of these first, and it was filled with a bunch of pictures and cool facts, but I wanted to learn a bit more about actual pirates instead of the tools, so I checked out The Pirate, by Val Garwood.  This one was a bit more of what I was looking for.  It gave some pretty good information, but I wanted to dive back into some cool pirate stories so I asked Mrs. Wilkins and she found the coolest book!  It’s called The Book of Pirates, and it has stories about Long John Silver (from Treasure Island), and even had a story about Captain Billy!

That got me thinking, Captain Billy told me that he’s a Privateer and he hunted pirates so I wanted to know what he meant by that.  I knew he was a good pirate and not one that stole treasure from people for no reason, so my Mom picked out a book that she read first, and then wrote out a shorter version for me to read.  It was called The Pirate Hunter, by Richard Zacks.  This was super interesting!  Mom said it was really detailed, with actual diary entries from actual pirates!  She said she didn’t think that I could read it, so I really appreciated her making out the shorter version for me!

Now I think about all those pirates and all the people that like them.  There are so many people that are Book Pirates in their heart!  People that want adventure, but they are willing to stop the bad pirates who want to steal from other people…just like Captain Billy and the Book Pirates!  Check some of these out, (and have your parents check out The Pirate Hunter) and I hope you have as much fun learning about pirates as I did!

Well, my Mom is calling me now, I have to get to school!

Here I go!

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