Plymouth Rock is SMALL!

Plymouth Rock is SMALL!

Hi Everyone!  Sorry I missed last week, but I was travelling with my family.  My Mom and Dad took us to Plymouth Rock!  I always thought that Plymouth Rock was super big.  I thought the Pilgrims used it as a landmark when they landed there.  It’s actually really small!  I thought it was really cool that something so small could be built up into something so BIG!

I wonder what it was like for the Pilgrims when they came across in those boats.  I read in my history book that the pilgrims would sleep in bunk beds on the boat and it took them months to get across the sea.  It’s so hot outside right now, I wonder if it was that hot outside when they were out on the ocean?  They probably didn’t have air conditioning in those ships, so I wonder what they did to get out of the heat if it was that hot?  What happened if it stormed?  How would they get dry again?  I wish I could go on one of those boats so I could see what it would be like.

Could that be the reason they thought Plymouth Rock was so big?  They were so glad that they finally got to land that they saw the little rock and said that it was super big to feel better about the trip?  My school book did say that the pilgrims landing there was the true beginning of modern America (I think it was the iPad that was the beginning of Modern America, but no one will listen to me).


Kinda cool.  Anyway, I hope everyone has a good week!  I’m going to go practice my Karate!

Here I go!

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