My Second Adventure is Coming!

My Second Adventure is Coming!

Hi everyone!  Welcome back to my blog!  My new adventure is going to be published soon and I thought I would talk to you about it a little.  I’m really excited about this one because I got a chance to hang out with Captain Billy and the book pirates again!  This time though I went to Revolutionary Boston and learned a whole bunch of history about the area.

Because I live in New England (where the history is!), it was super fun learning about how the country was formed and how we won our independence, and it is always an adventure when I have to battle the Dark Hats!

Yep, those bad hats are back again, and they’re even more mean this time!  It’s a good thing that I’m friends with the Book Pirates (and I make a few more good friends during this adventure), so they can help me battle the Dark Hats.  I wont give too much more away, but I learned about the leader of the Dark Hats in this adventure, and I’d love it if you’d all help me out in future adventures to beat him!


Anyway, I have to get off to school!  I can’t wait to see what Miss McNally is going to have us read next!

Here I go!

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  • Dawna McBride

    Can’t wait to read it.

    August 15, 2017 at 1:12 pm

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