Hi Everyone!  Welcome to my blog!  We just started a new book in class and its so complicated!  It’s called A Wrinkle in Time and it’s got a strange thing called a tesseract and it talks about folding space and time (what is this math?!).  I’ve really enjoyed the story, but there are a bunch of things that it talks about that I don’t really understand.

What’s crazy is that Miss McNally answered all the questions as the students asked them.  I couldn’t believe how smart she was!  I love reading (because I love to figure things out) and I’ve read some pretty hard books to understand, but this one was really hard!  And she knew everything about it off the top of her head!

After class everyone just left, but I had to figure out how Miss McNally knew so much about the story.

“How did you know all that stuff?”  I asked her.

She smiled at me and said, “You like reading because you like how the story unfolds right?  You like to understand why people do what they do and why the world is the way it is?”

“Yeah I like to figure things out,”  I said.  I was annoyed.  I wanted her to answer the question and I thought I had told her that before, and I wasn’t sure why she was saying it again.  “But how did you know everything about the book?”

“I like figuring things out too, and I like to help people figure things out.  That’s why I became a teacher in the first place.”  Miss McNally said.

“So you’re just that smart?  Do you have to be that smart to be a teacher?”  I asked.  If you had to be that smart to be a teacher, I figured I should probably try to be a rocket scientist or something.

“No, you don’t have to be smart to be anything, but you have to persevere,”  Miss McNally said.

“Persev…”  I didn’t have any idea what she meant.

“It means that you don’t give up, no matter what.  The first time I read A Wrinkle in Time, I didn’t understand it either.  I don’t think I really understood it the second time either.  But over time, the more you learn, the more you understand.  Eventually, if you keep at it for long enough, you’ll understand everything about it!”

“So you’re not smart?  I thought you were really smart,”  I asked.

She smiled again.  “Being smart doesn’t mean you were born that way.  Being smart means that you pay attention and study the things you dont understand until you do.”

“Oh man!  Does that mean I have to study math?”

She smiled again.

I don’t know.  I think she’s still smarter than most people, even if she says that she has to work on it.

Anyway, Time to go back and talk about A Wrinkle in Time!

Here I go!

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  • Dawna McBride

    Once again Elsie learned a lesson. Never giving up is a great lesson to learn in life.

    August 29, 2017 at 9:44 am

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