Writing your own story

Writing your own story

Hi everyone!  Sorry I missed last Tuesday, I was super sick!  I even had to miss class, which I don’t like doing, because I don’t like missing out on anything.  I guess sometimes it happens, at least that’s what my mom says.

Anyway, while I was lying in bed, I started to think about all the stories that I had been reading lately (I just started to read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone).  They all have a normal main character who somehow goes into a strange world.  Then I thought about all the worlds that I can go into with the Books of Power that I find in the Library of Solitude.  Then I thought what it would be like to write my own story.  I could make up a character that goes on some kind of adventure.  I could include everything I like to do, like reading, baseball, martial arts (you know, the important things).  Then I could give back to the people who wrote the stories that I love!  Maybe they could go on adventures through my stories like I do with theirs!

I haven’t tried it, yet because I want to finish school first, but I think that would be super cool!  That would be my story, a normal kid who goes into another world.  What would your story be?

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