I’m Elsie Jones!

Pleased to meet you!

Meet Elsie Jones Selfie

These are my adventures!

Hi everyone! My name’s Elsie Jones, and I live in Providence, Rhode Island with my mom and dad. I’m currently in the 5th grade in Miss McNally’s class where we learn about all kinds of things. I really like it all, (Except math…bleh!) and that’s also where I met my best friend, Carter.

Part of the reason I love to read is because you get to go on so many adventures and meet so many new friends. It’s awesome to go to the library and see all those different worlds lined up on the shelves.

I also love getting outside, swimming, and karate. Super fun! I hope you like going on adventures with me as much as I like going on them. I love making new friends and sharing those experiences with everyone.

Anyway, come along with me! Here I go!